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All Things Possible with Kris Filkins

All Things Possible at Greenville’s Regenerate Wellness Center



Hello! I am Kris Filkins, new here to the ReGenerate Wellness Center. I am a  transplant from Upstate New York but now make Upstate South Carolina my home! I have a 4-decade professional background in papermaking, Business Administration and Human Resources, Social Work, professional Therapeutic Foster Care, small business ownership, and now, certified QHHT Hypnotherapy.

I am now certain that all of my former positions were successful because I am an empath!  I was able to help others while working my entire teen and adult life because I generally used instinct and intuition to guide me. Now retired from the “W2” world, I can focus on what makes me happiest, and that for one, is being a catalyst for others on their journeys. Often after working with me, my clients have great epiphanies, expansion of spiritual gifts and greater understanding of their own worth and power. I have no doubt that I am here, now, in this time of the Great Awakening to assist those that are confused and having trouble integrating all the incoming energies in our Universe.

Through the use of relaxation techniques like hypnosis, meditation, Reiki and sound baths, I can help you navigate your own way through the upcoming shifts we are all experiencing in our energy bodies.  Over the past dozen years, I have used every one of these modalities on myself, my friends, and my family. I am certain I can help you as well. I have an office here and am available by appointment! I also do home visits and phone chats if necessary.

I have a family and own my home in Easley. I enjoy the outdoors every day and love to walk, hike, ride bicycle, motorcycle, do lawn work and watch the sky.

The best way to reach me is cell: (315)778-8374.

Office:  (864)307-9750