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“HEAL” Documentary                      $30



Watch this captivating video that explores the profound impact of the mind-body connection on our health. Discover how, faith, belief, and detoxing our environment can pace the way to healing. Hear inspiring stories of individuals who defied the odds and reclaimed their health. Don’t miss the transformative journey toward wellness and the power that lies within us.

“The Antidote” Documentary          $50

May 18 @ 4:30pm                        


Dive into an eye-opening discussion where we unveil the truths suppressed by media and medical journals about the coronavirus pandemic’s origin.  Discover Dr. Bryan Ardis’s relentless pursuit of truth, despite facing numerous dangers, and the worldwide rise of health issues like cancer.  Understand how awareness can pave the path to solutions.  uncover the concealed cure, know about the agencies involved, and be a part of the movement to make our world health again.

“SOUL”                                           $35


“Soul” explores the true meaning of letting life live you.  What it means to find “your spark” and to experience life for the One Infinite Creator.

The animated film directed by Pete Docter takes the audience through the biggest day of Joe Gardner’s life. Gardner (voiced by Jaime Foxx) is a middle school jazz teacher who has spent his whole life looking for that one big break in his performing career. After a successful audition, Gardner lands the gig of his dreams, but one misstep into an open manhole sends him face to face with the “Great Beyond.” The movie is not just about Gardner playing his dream gig, “Soul” shows what it means to be ready to live life. “Soul” is not about finding one true purpose in life, but showing how the little things make life worth living.

After the movie, we will be showing a YouTube video, “The Hidden Message of “Soul” according to Aaron Abke. He chooses the golden nuggets and describes all the little messages of this movie. This will be a tearful, but uplifting and joyful experience.